thanks to whomever started tuning in this month, i finally broke the top ten and i don't even promote my show! WOW. 200+ hits this month, boner attack...!

i think the angsty mumbling girl thing is working out for me and my radio career.

however its never too safe to say that it might be the FCC trying to listen to all the FUCKS and SHITS i let slip. AWWW SHIT MAN. MY POTTY MOUTH. :(



you gotta stare into the mirror until you name this disease

sorry, i lied. acoustic show has been bumped to this week. too much to do last week. :P

but hey, let me rave about my favorite song as of right now, right now i'll be playing friday.
i'd be one of the first females to admit i don't like most female bands or female fronted bands; i think a lot of them try too hard to be like another male band or try too hard to fill that female band role. it comes of off an insincere and like "hai gurls can rock too! I NEED TO PROVE MYSELF!"

red state.
the song "cherylee"

oh my satan.

fucking stunning...???? if you don't feel for this song you must not have a soul? hmmmmm? its absolutely heart wrenching, intimate, honest, tender, beautiful- can i compliment it anymore?

feminine without being a cliche, acoustic without being just another old "feely" song milking the same tired emotions. the mixture of distortion and piano is just beautiful as fuck, as fuck not being really describable. there is something immensely delectable about minimalistic music. i don't understand what i was thinking last spring where i brushed through this album months ago and thought the only really good songs were "rope" or "white like heaven." upon another listen tonight i've painfully underestimated the beauty of this album.

and her interpretation of crass's "shaved women" is just fucking crazy awesome.
gowns songs, lyrics, etc:

i am in love with this woman. <3



tune into this week's show, its acoustic everything.

i know i have a huge boner for synths (one of my first favorite songs ever was eurythmics' sweet dreams because annie lennox scared the shit out of me but that song was like incredible.1!?1/1?!) and i'm fucking yellow so like its an obligation that listen to "techno stuff" like my guitar teacher described years ago. fuck thattttttttt i dig the guitars. ;D they don't have to be distorted feedback guitars, they don't have to sound like robots (genetic inclination towards robot anything) it can sound like a damn guitar



hey gurl hai

updates about the show
if you didn't catch the first show, i mentioned how the shows will end 15 minutes early because i has physics @ 12pm.

and here's a cool quote by me:
religion is a parasite
nine inch nails is my religion

btw did you know it was (nin's) the fragile's 10th anniversary 5 minutes ago?
i hope you were loading up on your the fragile, there's few more perfect albums to release all your tensions to. :D

PS: the guitarist of The Opposite Sex might be dropping by the station on 3rd Rail sometime soon, check it out. ;3



for now this is our show time, it might change but whatever.


same shit and then some, i'd love it if you tune in or dl the archive. :)


The Opposite Sex "Live and Burn" EP

this band fucking rules! this is one of DC's, if not post-punk's, most undermined groups. listening to this band invokes classic goth acts such as red lorry yellow lorry or bauhaus not to mention the light projections and helton's stage presence create the perfect atmosphere for this kind of music. its particularly refreshing to find a band that embraces darker sounds and takes back the post-punk reigns in a day and age where neon-fetishes and irony dominate the alt-rock scene, and OMG ITS NOT ELECTRO/EBM???

SO YEAH, their last release was in 07- why am i mentioning them? the opposite sex is having a (long overdue) release party at the black cat on august 15th for their new EP "Live and Burn." ($8) NO sorry i don't have a leak (i wish), nor have i heard the album yet but i encourage anyone who has any slight interest in goth or post-punk to see them! A sample song has been uploaded onto their myspace, check it outtttttttt. :)

the opposite sex on myspace


whip and the body

so why am i updating in the middle of the summer? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! <3

i ebayed myself a copy of whip and the body's here on exile 7" (dais 002) limited to 330 copies. whip and the body is a noise side project by jeremy and michael of drunkdriver and release their first 7" on dais records. this mysterious band has very little info on the net; i don't know the release year nor do i even know what the track listings until i got this!

sans record player, i can't play it quite yet, but it came with a limited demo CD **titled the black stain with 6 untitled tracks that i find quite pleasant. this cd is blank on both sides, one being all black and silver on the other; i tried playing the silver side before figuring out that i have to flip the CD. :)

let's supplement your music folder!

7" track listing (2008, dais records):
A1: taken teeth
A2: here on exile
B1: friends like these

**updated 6/30/09, 6:59pm
thnx discogs.com


coum transmissions

hey its the summer and i have nothing to play but stare at this epic poster:

BUT HEY, guess what? it costs 200 dollars. a poster that will not grace my walls for the next ten years or so. oh tear.


tune in next season!

so we just polished off our season with who killed mr. moonlight? by bauhaus

as of now, i think the buttons idea as mentioned on the show is a go with our business manager and we might even get them FER FREE and EVERYWUN LOVES BUTTONS. <333 so look out for buttons either in june or beginning of semester. :B


ces update #2

my favorite concrete-encased swans album by far; a lot of mike's sister abigal is on this one.
don't think i'm shitting anyone saying this is good because mike's a friend, this is good.
there are tons of amateurs on the internet with a fucking computer recording shit, but this guy really has something going for him. i personally think the progression from his first release to this one is very evident and i think there's a lot more he has to offer so this will not be the last time i mention this project.

quite honestly i'm not huge on power electronics (i think there's a fine line between good and crap with this genre, and too many fall into the crap side) but i like this album, it's not one of those bland albums you just hear to know what's up and forget about, this is the type of album that makes you want to listen to it again (as learned in my art theory class: to experience its "beauty" again. :) ) and maybe you'd randomly think about it sometime some day.

my favorite song on this album is "i hate you ice cream" which i plan on playing next week.


last show of the season!

Hey our last show is coming up, the end of the semester before a long long summer break! I know it would be a GREAT idea to host a show during the summer but without a car, is it worth spending 6 hours per week (2 hrs traveling to through metro and 2 hours back?? ) to host a show?

i'm going to be revisiting some favorite songs this semester, maybe i'll do something extra fun. AHHH WHO KNOWS

last show of this season is on the MAY 19th, please turn in, it'll mean the world. its going to be a great show. OR ELSE.


another friendly reminder that my show is downloadable in .mp3 format in case you're not available to tune in *TEAR*, link on right!

in trying to make my show the most inaccessible one at WMUC i've been looking at some blogs, without much success (because industrial is so mainstream) i've found some things i really liked and would like to share with you including old articles and downloads on them. (so basically i'm trying to convince you to read other blogs rather than mine because mine is totally contentless, i don't even have a camera to show you weird / vulgar pictures so sorry to disappoint you into landing on this blog. ) sadly i can't be one of those "cool" blogs which exposes you to music by uploading music downloads because:
A: lack of a decent record store within bus distance,
B: lack of money to fund my heroin music addiction (i'm an industrial junkie in withdrawal. )
C: i'm paranoid. n________n, but finally...
D: you can find virtually /anything/ on the internet already and everyone else does it better. :>

i'll get to posting linkage on the right (like everybody else) sooner or later.

and final comment: my voice doesn't sound like that in real life, i don't have a husk voice that asays UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a lot. i do admit to the mumbling. :3

and because this is probably going to be a final post for a while, dooooooo expect for some new changes to the show next season, its gonna be cooler i swear. HATE, MURDEr, AND INDUSTRIAL.



concrete-encased swans

last tuesday FM Sedatives debuted concrete-encased swans first on-air broadcast with "wash all the cars" off his first EP, "wash all the cars."

concrete-encased swans is a homegrown noise project consisting of mike bradley of floriduh, his little chinese sister (which he molests on a regular basis for the sake of art), and noisy objects. inspired by the likes of whitehouse, IAMX (totally. ), and gerogerigegege, and such.

i have the pleasure now with providing you all with an EXCLUSIVE online interview between mr. bradley and i, his first ever interview and a step into the publicity world of music.

a new release is coming out titled "scrambled human remains" which cannot be found in stores or through a record company (indie x10101010101) but directly through last.fm or myspace.




Concrete-Encased Swans: That's a good question, Lillian. :3 When I was first trying to figure out what makes a good industrial/noise/hipster band, I figured it would be a good idea to wear make-up. So, I looked at some of the greatest industrial musicians of our time, and I instantly thought of IAMX. That guy has some classy make-up, and I knew it would be a good place to start.
Then it dawned on me that I too would look good with heavy eye-liner. It wouldn't make me look gay at all. And on the day before Christmas last year, when I was at my worst, I put on an Iamx record, and thought, "this is it, this is what i want to be". Naturally, I had to go and begin my new album.
I think this new album is going to sound a lot like my break-through album that I referenced the last time I was making a new album.


CES: Well, a lot of people have been asking that, but I think my new album will honestly be an emotional successor to [insert 80s pop album], as well as [insert Queen album]. Of course, it will also be going new places for me. The lyrics are much more personal. For example, in the song "Coughing Up Hairballs" I sing about fucking the corpse of a little Russian girl. I think that gives a good portrait of my soul right now.

FMS: well i heard that you really look up to Animal Collective, you are quoted as saying "if it wasn't for animal collective, i'd still be listening to korn instead of power electronics," explain this please.

CES: Well, I've always said that I would suck Avey Tare's [starts with c, rhymes with glock], because his name is so gay, he must want it. Naturally, that's had a great impact on my music. All I can think of when writing music is how much the idea of his penis.

FMS: The Russians, why do they put ))))))))) after all their posts?

CES: Honestly, I have no idea. [word that starts with f and rhymes with cluck] the Russians. Every [lord's name used in vain] [starts with d, rhymes with ham] one of them.


in other news, everyone should check out http://www.tapereelscollective.com/, this collective is backed by some members (all of them, some of them? who? ) of white suns, an incredible noise band from conneticut.

usually when your typical western hemisphere human being thinks of the word "noise" associated with music, they'd imagine a band too untalented to learn how to play their instruments, but quite the opposite is the true for these guys. where do we even start- as i am taking an art theory class right now, its understood that what makes something incredible typically alludes us, well i guess i could put it in context but to say the least, for

tape reels collective make zines and i've recently recieved one which does not consist of your typical newprint left wing rant and punk ep advertisement but a true diy construction of little film slides and pages bound with duct tape, rubber bands, and hot glue and placed into a slip of star consellations and sewing instructions. it might not sound much but this truely made my week. (and i've been having a bad one, don't get me started. :) ) even as a student who is in constant exposure to art and music, this has been one of the most sincere and meaningful forms of art i've encountered this whole year. the written content includes an honest and thoughtful contemplation of art and the diy nature; even just the beautiful language used in this should be able to melt your heart. its honestly a one of a kind piece of work, one that i am very grateful for having despite not asking for.

as mentioned before, white suns will be performing at DNA Test Fest LIES A MISCONCEPTION ON MY BEHALFFFFFFFFFFFFF AGH. at the velvet lounge in DC. allegedly, day II is going to be a total sausage fest with the exception of Drunkdriver's guitarist and me, according to the event coordinator himself. BUT despite your gender, do come down or up to see this. (girls, stop self-segregating11!11!) If you like punk, noise rock, industrial, even power electronics you'd fucking love this.


nixa being hot

gonna update with a fun little "interview" with concrete encased swans later
but here's something to watch as of now

seems like you guys want downloads, lets see what i do with that request. :3



if you guys like what i play and live in the DC / VA / MD area, or like driving around in cars come here:

click for details

this is sponsored by Sean Gray of WMUC's DNA in the DNA (fan death records). this is going to be crazy awesome, there's a lot of great bands playing here and they sound incredible. do check them out even if you can't make it.


3.5 hr block of fm sedatives next tuesday - 3/12

not a DEFINITE promise, but 95% of the way there, i will hopefully be on for 3.5 hrs tuesday 12:30-4pm next tuesday. playlist is looking /good/ so don't miss out. :)

wmucradio.com has been going a bit gaga but don't worry, things will be fixed.

but there will be no fm sedatives on the 24th (tuesday after next)


bullshit you'd read if you cared

my show is now only 1.5 hrs long, thanks to terp weekly edition. terp weekly edition is on campus news played from 12-12:30PM about the shendigs that occur on campus possibly unimportant because we lived without it before. it means actual industrial beatdowns occur from 12:30-2:00PM est (same day, same place) rather than 12-2:00PM EST.

and becuase people always ask...
4:30PM - 6:00PM, (GMT - london)
9:30AM - 11:00AM (PST - California, British Columbia (is there fancy special english cocaine there? HAHAHAHA FUCKING GET IT??/ ), Washington, Oregon whatever's out there beyond that fault line that is eventually going to fall off...
11:30AM - 1:00PM (CST - Regina - SK, midwestern people. awesomeness. )


all necessary utilities to listen to WMUC are on the right hand side.

Next week...

thanks to Sean Ye for taking up my fill in; he has good taste in music as seen in his previous playlist so i do suggest that you still tune in next week anyhow and pay attention to the new DJ's! 12-2pm March 10th :)

next next week...

i do plan on DJing my set nextnext week on break (3/17), but its not a definite promise. if i do though i plan on doing something really retarded like another themed playlist like NO ENGLISH LYRICS aLLOWED or TACO PARTY! (aka only female vocalists) or STRAIGHT UP PUNK. or ONLY SCREAMING INCOMREHENSIBLE LYRICS or only songs with cusswords in them and bleeting all the cusswords. you'll see.

what i really did this weekend (BECAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT ME. )

and i lied about going to thursday; my chauffeur (aka older sister that i bribed. i'm paranoid about drivin. ) fell sick, so ended up going to the WMUC show- fucking incredible, "birth control" is a fantastic live band, tons of fucking energy and if you're on the east coast and into punk definitely check this band out, you will not be disappointed.

shit you can listen to and download and shit

i've been following this blog a little over a week; some interesting things here. latest update: fan death records run by two dj's here released drunkdriver's ep "knife day", free for download here.
another drunkdriver EP "my chinese sister" is also available to download. drunkdriver: think if william bennett (of whitehouse, a screaming incomprehensible industrial group. ) fronted a sludgy punk band. and maybe if they all smoked crack.

birth control, as mentioned above. great tracks and even more incredible live.


SHOOBy doooooo bah!

this week's shit

thanks to those who tuned into our two hours straight up of foetus. really i was being a terrible DJ and taking advantage of the turntables to listen to some foetus albums i didn't have the opportunity to. hehe i in particular enjoyed "Nail", the last 4-5 tracks we played. as always, playlist on wmucradio.com


a reminder next week, there will be no FM Sedatives because i will be at the dentist. ;_________;

GOOD NEWS, is that no more lisping will occur LOL (hopefully. )
and as a treat for those who enjoy the industrial portion of what i play, if you like stuff along the lines of coil / psychic tv - check out bourbonese qualk! an ambient mix of guitars, electronics, blahblahaha its good stuff. full discography available for free, online. oh hells yes. i'll be playing some the next time around, so go check it out for yourself.


as typical with most decent industrial bands, this started out in the UK in the early / mid 80's and continued producing music until 2002, when their guitarist died. they're honestly one of the more under-rated ones so do check them out.

shows / tours and shit

as for the rest of you, thursday's on tour right now and i'm probably going to see them saturday night.

if you're looking for something less angst ridden there would be a show down at wmuc *NUDGENUDGELOCALS*

featuring: ringo deathstarr, the flying eyes, birth control, the lampshades
at 8pm

i wish i could fill in more details but i have none. *SHRUG* indie bands from the area and ringo deathstarr is actually from texas.

new nin tour dates with jane's addiction has been announced; check them out at http://tour.nin.com/ jaguar love (johnny whitney of blood brothers' new band ) will be the opener for a few nights. support independent musicians, support nin last tour on earth, support cheese.



WMUC has an impressive Foetus collection, one that hasn't been touched last semester and i believe the year before it as well, possibly longer! I don't listen to enough Foetus, you don't listen to enough Foetus- there's only ONE person i know who does. I'll be playing dem vinyls 2 hrs long, but i'll make sure you still have your daily dose of nin and two other songs i really like this week. n______________________________n

we'll be playing shit from sink, hole, nail etcetcetc. many of these songs i haven't even heard before myself and there's no lyrics to but I HOPE, that writings on the sleeves covers all the obscenities so i can skip um! :3



SO thanks for tuning in those of you who did this afternoon.

here;s something to stare at, barrel head fish!


remember playlists are always updated on wmucradio.com on those who were interested. :)



Thursday fans rejoice, common existence is available todayyyyyyy! I'm sure you could probably find it at Hot Topic for 10 bucks; go and support this terrific band. :) and the album art is pretty too.

as i am aware, the whole album is actually up on their myspace

and there's a call us number to badger them, maybe i'll do it later today. ;)


For locals, Thursday is going to be at Ram's Head Live, 8pm, March 7th
Rams Head Live Baltimore, Maryland. GUSH OVER THIS WONDERFUL BAND WITH ME

oh woe, nine inch nails no more!
TR's new blogpost on nin.com suggest the end of nin (as we know it...?) this year they're going on a globall tour with Jane's Addiction. will this mean nin is on hiatus, or is nin gone for good? is TR going to embark on other musical endevours restricted of him while he was on a label or he didn't feel befitting of nin? who know/s1/!/!?!1/


02/10 playlist

NOTICE: since playlists are available through wmucradio.com, this will be the last playlist i'll post on fmsedatives.blogspot.com!

although i would continue to plague this page with cool videos and music related bullshit you TOTALLY want to listen to.

1 Russian Circles You Already Did
2 Deftones Passenger (feat. Maynard J. Keenan)
3 Lack of Knowledge Firepower
4 Venetian Snares Chinaski
5 Venetian Snares Winnepeg as Mandatory Scat Feed
6 Scratch Acid Owner's Lament
7 Fugazi Waiting Room
8 Hilt Baby Fly Away
9 New Model Army Brave New World
10 Nine Inch Nails March of the Fuckheads
11 Whitehouse Great White Death
12 Blonde Redhead Spring and by Summer Fall
13 Kronos Quartet Winter - Meltdown
14 Current 93 Chewing on Shadows (vinyl version)
15 Sonic Youth Mariah Carey and the Authur Doyle Hand Cream
16 Interpol NYC
17 Black Flag White Minority
18 Controlled Bleeding Christ Said
19 Nurse with Wound Spiral Theme
20 Einsturzende Neubauten Steele Brennt
21 The Brides Too Touchy Feely
22 David Bowie Weeping Wall
23 Nine Inch Nails Survivalism



i don't think posting the same videos of songs is much too fun (especially when you can just youtube it), so here's something else that is interesting.

and if it weren't for brainwashed podcast, where would i even have the inspiration to have my own show? i listened to this since i was fifteen or sixteen, whenever i first got an ipod. anywho, an oldie but a goodie:

Coil - I don't Get it

3/7/09 playlist

1 The Birthday Party Dull Day
2 Chuck Palahniuk Hot Potting Tour Stories, Vol II - narration
3 The Cramps Garbage Man
4 The Cramps Human Fly (Request)
5 The Cramps Lonesome Town
6 The Damned Fan Club
7 The Flesh Eaters Impossible Crime
8 Depeche Mode Blasphemous Rumors (Live)
9 Fear New York's Alright
10 Nine Inch Nails Sin (Live)
11 Dead Milkmen Taking Retards to the Zoo
12 Birthday Party A Dead Song
13 Flux of Pink Indians Tapioca Sunrise
14 Nervous Gender Fat Cow
15 Marilyn Manson Tourniquet
16 Jesus Lizard Low Rider
17 Blood Brothers Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck
18 Rapeman Trouser Minnow
19 Icons of Filth Show Us You Care
20 Sonic Youth Pattern Recognition
21 Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole
22 Fields of the Nephilim Chord of Souls
23 New York Dolls Seven Day Weekend
24 Killing Joke Europe
25 Nine Inch Nails Reptile
26 Revolting Cocks Attack Ships on Fire
27 Crass Nagasaki Nightmare
28 Leaether Strip Strap Me Down
29 KMFDM Save Me
30 Nitzer Ebb Trigger Happy
31 Adam and the Ants Physical (You're So)
32 Adam and the Ants Deutscher Girls
33 Kompressor Crushing in Progress
34 Bauhaus Swing the Heartache
35 Venetian Snares If I could Say I Love You
36 Nine Inch Nails The Persistence of Loss

and after signing off i put on the "swing the heartache" vinyl on before Dominick's show.

he's a really good charismatic DJ, i'm not. :BBB


the slot's actually THREE hours long, 12-3pm! I was unaware of this!

well i fixed it so tune in for THREE hours while i waste my sad life here.


fill in this saturday!

I'm filling in 12-2PM Saturday (2/7) so please tune in! :3 i'm filling in for Bobby Renz's "Let's Go Swimming", which actually used to be the show right after mine on Wmuc2.
a special treat for those who don't want to listen to straight up music. we're starting this show with a narration.


Sad Kermit sings NIN's "Hurt"

this was released in 2007, but i've never encountered it in my years as a ninophile, one of the most excellent nin covers ever.

jim henson is one of university of maryland's most celebrated graduates so as a umd student i am very proud to share with you all this work of art.

and personally i'm enjoying the "something i can never have" cover as well
sad kermit - something i can never have [nin]
right click > save link as to download song
or click to open in browser.


and by the basic gist of it, yeah i basically cover nin everything hahahah

season 2 show 2

1 iron and wine red dust request from liz
2 thursday resusitation of a dead man
found on their myspace: http://myspace.com/thursday
3 shadow project hounds upon hare request from kim of ucsc
4 saul williams the government
new single released by saul on inauguration day
5 nick cave and the bad seeds as i sat sadly by her side
6 iamx S.H.E.
7 nurse with wound scrambled egg rebellion in the smegma department
8 zounds fear
9 christian death dream for mother request from mr. satanworshipper dude.
10 nine inch nails the line begins to blur
11 nine inch nails piggy (nothing can stop me now)
12 venetian snares and speedranch molly's reach around
13 the world of skin the child's right
14 coil in my blood
15 controlled bleeding in drowning hands
16 pixies where is my mind
17 the legendary pink dots i love you in your tragic beauty
18 joy division disorder
19 mussolini headkick give me space to breathe
20 kmfdm mating sounds of helicopters
21 current 93 good morning great moloch
22 copshootcop surprise, surprise
23 subhumans forget
24 nine inch nails wish [mix]

omitted: whitehouse - tit pulp.
this is what happens when you have cussing in your lyrics but the lyrics are undecipherable and not available and your laptop speakers are lousy but the monitors at the studio plays it just fine so you can hear all the "fucking's" and "cunts" being airred right before 1pm. :)
and the fucking title has the word "tit", wtf was a i thinking, honestly?
i appologize for the lousiest show this season.

proof that i'm a shitty multitasker. proof that making your playlist before the show is GOOD.


i hate winamp, winamp hates me. it DOESN'T work out.


triangle of awesome

hey since i barely update this blog with relevant information pertaining to the music i play (because you guys have google and wiki, who needs bloggy comments?), i'll just spam it up with interesting things.

i made this a while back, as a satirical jest about selective breeding, genetic purging, genocide, other nazi-ideology related things and i STILL find it amusing. i should spend time making another one so i can.


BANNERS have been created

i've had a request fer a banner. so here we go. you have a myspace, website, or WHATEVER that involves html and hotlinking and badgering people to listen to my show, to remind yourself to listen to fm sedatives. this particular banner leads to my wmucradio.com profile, but you may alter it to lead to this blog if you prefer.

awesome college radio
the caviar of angst [500x130 pixels]
(PS: this will show up full size when you copypasta, its only shrunken on my blog.)

awesome college radio
fm sedatives - wmuc 88.1fm [500x100 pixels]

awesome college radio
the caviar of angst [250x65 pixels]

awesome college radio
fm sedatives - wmuc 88.1fm [250x50 pixels]


thanks for tuning into our first show of spring 09, anytime you need to bother me during the show - "are you sedated" on AIM K?!??! :D :D :D

1 Big Black Deep Six
2 Rob Zombie Sawdust in the Blood
3 Pig Sanctuary (Spent Sperm Mix)
4 Thursday Cross Out the Eyes
5 Alien Sex Fiend Dead and Buried
6 Placebo Follow the Cops Back Home
7 Test Department Hunger
8 Throbbing Gristle Almost A Kiss
9 Rudimentary Peni The Dead Loved
10 FM Einheit Educacao
11 Current 93 Calling for Vanished Faces II
12 Skold Hail Mary
13 Nine Inch Nails Happiness in Slavery
14 The Cramps Bikini Girls with Machine Guns
15 Tuxedomoon No Tears
16 Christian Death Spiritual Cramp
17 A Perfect Circle Judith (Renholder Remix)
18 Blood Brothers Camouflage, Camouflage
19 Nurse with Wound I've plumbed this whole neighborhood
20 A Place to Bury Strangers My Weakness
21 Omega Tribe Aftermath
22 Cabaret Voltaire Do the Mussolini (Headkick)
23 Shellac Crow
24 Hilt Get Stuck
25 Past Lives Bored to Death
26 Nine Inch Nails At the Heart of it All



kudos to Andrew Q. at the station, new schedule is up surprisingly fast! :333

FM Sedative's new time will be 12-2:00pm (EST) Tuesday on WMUC-1, yeah the mainstream, that's right. :333 A totally retarded time for those of you who are in HS and under but noxiously wonderful for the college crowd. tune in dudes, first show on the

JANUARY 27th! TUESDAYS 12-2pm!



spring semester

sorry for the lack of updates fiendsssssss. :] anywho- little to know knowledge, we have to reapply for spring semester which i did not know but good thing, i did turn in my application and we can hope for the best.

have i really been exercising my music knowledge and collection? Not really- but currently i'm really digging Placebo for some reason so expect some on the next playlist, if there is one if there isn't hoping for the best of course. :) i hope you guys had a nifty new years!

lets just bother you right now with some art.

its not showing up well apparently so here you can click it

a piece by vania zouravliov