tune in next season!

so we just polished off our season with who killed mr. moonlight? by bauhaus

as of now, i think the buttons idea as mentioned on the show is a go with our business manager and we might even get them FER FREE and EVERYWUN LOVES BUTTONS. <333 so look out for buttons either in june or beginning of semester. :B


ces update #2

my favorite concrete-encased swans album by far; a lot of mike's sister abigal is on this one.
don't think i'm shitting anyone saying this is good because mike's a friend, this is good.
there are tons of amateurs on the internet with a fucking computer recording shit, but this guy really has something going for him. i personally think the progression from his first release to this one is very evident and i think there's a lot more he has to offer so this will not be the last time i mention this project.

quite honestly i'm not huge on power electronics (i think there's a fine line between good and crap with this genre, and too many fall into the crap side) but i like this album, it's not one of those bland albums you just hear to know what's up and forget about, this is the type of album that makes you want to listen to it again (as learned in my art theory class: to experience its "beauty" again. :) ) and maybe you'd randomly think about it sometime some day.

my favorite song on this album is "i hate you ice cream" which i plan on playing next week.


last show of the season!

Hey our last show is coming up, the end of the semester before a long long summer break! I know it would be a GREAT idea to host a show during the summer but without a car, is it worth spending 6 hours per week (2 hrs traveling to through metro and 2 hours back?? ) to host a show?

i'm going to be revisiting some favorite songs this semester, maybe i'll do something extra fun. AHHH WHO KNOWS

last show of this season is on the MAY 19th, please turn in, it'll mean the world. its going to be a great show. OR ELSE.


another friendly reminder that my show is downloadable in .mp3 format in case you're not available to tune in *TEAR*, link on right!

in trying to make my show the most inaccessible one at WMUC i've been looking at some blogs, without much success (because industrial is so mainstream) i've found some things i really liked and would like to share with you including old articles and downloads on them. (so basically i'm trying to convince you to read other blogs rather than mine because mine is totally contentless, i don't even have a camera to show you weird / vulgar pictures so sorry to disappoint you into landing on this blog. ) sadly i can't be one of those "cool" blogs which exposes you to music by uploading music downloads because:
A: lack of a decent record store within bus distance,
B: lack of money to fund my heroin music addiction (i'm an industrial junkie in withdrawal. )
C: i'm paranoid. n________n, but finally...
D: you can find virtually /anything/ on the internet already and everyone else does it better. :>

i'll get to posting linkage on the right (like everybody else) sooner or later.

and final comment: my voice doesn't sound like that in real life, i don't have a husk voice that asays UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH a lot. i do admit to the mumbling. :3

and because this is probably going to be a final post for a while, dooooooo expect for some new changes to the show next season, its gonna be cooler i swear. HATE, MURDEr, AND INDUSTRIAL.