whip and the body

so why am i updating in the middle of the summer? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! <3

i ebayed myself a copy of whip and the body's here on exile 7" (dais 002) limited to 330 copies. whip and the body is a noise side project by jeremy and michael of drunkdriver and release their first 7" on dais records. this mysterious band has very little info on the net; i don't know the release year nor do i even know what the track listings until i got this!

sans record player, i can't play it quite yet, but it came with a limited demo CD **titled the black stain with 6 untitled tracks that i find quite pleasant. this cd is blank on both sides, one being all black and silver on the other; i tried playing the silver side before figuring out that i have to flip the CD. :)

let's supplement your music folder!

7" track listing (2008, dais records):
A1: taken teeth
A2: here on exile
B1: friends like these

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coum transmissions

hey its the summer and i have nothing to play but stare at this epic poster:

BUT HEY, guess what? it costs 200 dollars. a poster that will not grace my walls for the next ten years or so. oh tear.