thanks to whomever started tuning in this month, i finally broke the top ten and i don't even promote my show! WOW. 200+ hits this month, boner attack...!

i think the angsty mumbling girl thing is working out for me and my radio career.

however its never too safe to say that it might be the FCC trying to listen to all the FUCKS and SHITS i let slip. AWWW SHIT MAN. MY POTTY MOUTH. :(



you gotta stare into the mirror until you name this disease

sorry, i lied. acoustic show has been bumped to this week. too much to do last week. :P

but hey, let me rave about my favorite song as of right now, right now i'll be playing friday.
i'd be one of the first females to admit i don't like most female bands or female fronted bands; i think a lot of them try too hard to be like another male band or try too hard to fill that female band role. it comes of off an insincere and like "hai gurls can rock too! I NEED TO PROVE MYSELF!"

red state.
the song "cherylee"

oh my satan.

fucking stunning...???? if you don't feel for this song you must not have a soul? hmmmmm? its absolutely heart wrenching, intimate, honest, tender, beautiful- can i compliment it anymore?

feminine without being a cliche, acoustic without being just another old "feely" song milking the same tired emotions. the mixture of distortion and piano is just beautiful as fuck, as fuck not being really describable. there is something immensely delectable about minimalistic music. i don't understand what i was thinking last spring where i brushed through this album months ago and thought the only really good songs were "rope" or "white like heaven." upon another listen tonight i've painfully underestimated the beauty of this album.

and her interpretation of crass's "shaved women" is just fucking crazy awesome.
gowns songs, lyrics, etc:

i am in love with this woman. <3



tune into this week's show, its acoustic everything.

i know i have a huge boner for synths (one of my first favorite songs ever was eurythmics' sweet dreams because annie lennox scared the shit out of me but that song was like incredible.1!?1/1?!) and i'm fucking yellow so like its an obligation that listen to "techno stuff" like my guitar teacher described years ago. fuck thattttttttt i dig the guitars. ;D they don't have to be distorted feedback guitars, they don't have to sound like robots (genetic inclination towards robot anything) it can sound like a damn guitar



hey gurl hai

updates about the show
if you didn't catch the first show, i mentioned how the shows will end 15 minutes early because i has physics @ 12pm.

and here's a cool quote by me:
religion is a parasite
nine inch nails is my religion

btw did you know it was (nin's) the fragile's 10th anniversary 5 minutes ago?
i hope you were loading up on your the fragile, there's few more perfect albums to release all your tensions to. :D

PS: the guitarist of The Opposite Sex might be dropping by the station on 3rd Rail sometime soon, check it out. ;3



for now this is our show time, it might change but whatever.


same shit and then some, i'd love it if you tune in or dl the archive. :)


The Opposite Sex "Live and Burn" EP

this band fucking rules! this is one of DC's, if not post-punk's, most undermined groups. listening to this band invokes classic goth acts such as red lorry yellow lorry or bauhaus not to mention the light projections and helton's stage presence create the perfect atmosphere for this kind of music. its particularly refreshing to find a band that embraces darker sounds and takes back the post-punk reigns in a day and age where neon-fetishes and irony dominate the alt-rock scene, and OMG ITS NOT ELECTRO/EBM???

SO YEAH, their last release was in 07- why am i mentioning them? the opposite sex is having a (long overdue) release party at the black cat on august 15th for their new EP "Live and Burn." ($8) NO sorry i don't have a leak (i wish), nor have i heard the album yet but i encourage anyone who has any slight interest in goth or post-punk to see them! A sample song has been uploaded onto their myspace, check it outtttttttt. :)

the opposite sex on myspace


whip and the body

so why am i updating in the middle of the summer? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! <3

i ebayed myself a copy of whip and the body's here on exile 7" (dais 002) limited to 330 copies. whip and the body is a noise side project by jeremy and michael of drunkdriver and release their first 7" on dais records. this mysterious band has very little info on the net; i don't know the release year nor do i even know what the track listings until i got this!

sans record player, i can't play it quite yet, but it came with a limited demo CD **titled the black stain with 6 untitled tracks that i find quite pleasant. this cd is blank on both sides, one being all black and silver on the other; i tried playing the silver side before figuring out that i have to flip the CD. :)

let's supplement your music folder!

7" track listing (2008, dais records):
A1: taken teeth
A2: here on exile
B1: friends like these

**updated 6/30/09, 6:59pm
thnx discogs.com


coum transmissions

hey its the summer and i have nothing to play but stare at this epic poster:

BUT HEY, guess what? it costs 200 dollars. a poster that will not grace my walls for the next ten years or so. oh tear.


tune in next season!

so we just polished off our season with who killed mr. moonlight? by bauhaus

as of now, i think the buttons idea as mentioned on the show is a go with our business manager and we might even get them FER FREE and EVERYWUN LOVES BUTTONS. <333 so look out for buttons either in june or beginning of semester. :B


ces update #2

my favorite concrete-encased swans album by far; a lot of mike's sister abigal is on this one.
don't think i'm shitting anyone saying this is good because mike's a friend, this is good.
there are tons of amateurs on the internet with a fucking computer recording shit, but this guy really has something going for him. i personally think the progression from his first release to this one is very evident and i think there's a lot more he has to offer so this will not be the last time i mention this project.

quite honestly i'm not huge on power electronics (i think there's a fine line between good and crap with this genre, and too many fall into the crap side) but i like this album, it's not one of those bland albums you just hear to know what's up and forget about, this is the type of album that makes you want to listen to it again (as learned in my art theory class: to experience its "beauty" again. :) ) and maybe you'd randomly think about it sometime some day.

my favorite song on this album is "i hate you ice cream" which i plan on playing next week.