The Opposite Sex "Live and Burn" EP

this band fucking rules! this is one of DC's, if not post-punk's, most undermined groups. listening to this band invokes classic goth acts such as red lorry yellow lorry or bauhaus not to mention the light projections and helton's stage presence create the perfect atmosphere for this kind of music. its particularly refreshing to find a band that embraces darker sounds and takes back the post-punk reigns in a day and age where neon-fetishes and irony dominate the alt-rock scene, and OMG ITS NOT ELECTRO/EBM???

SO YEAH, their last release was in 07- why am i mentioning them? the opposite sex is having a (long overdue) release party at the black cat on august 15th for their new EP "Live and Burn." ($8) NO sorry i don't have a leak (i wish), nor have i heard the album yet but i encourage anyone who has any slight interest in goth or post-punk to see them! A sample song has been uploaded onto their myspace, check it outtttttttt. :)

the opposite sex on myspace

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