if you guys like what i play and live in the DC / VA / MD area, or like driving around in cars come here:

click for details

this is sponsored by Sean Gray of WMUC's DNA in the DNA (fan death records). this is going to be crazy awesome, there's a lot of great bands playing here and they sound incredible. do check them out even if you can't make it.


3.5 hr block of fm sedatives next tuesday - 3/12

not a DEFINITE promise, but 95% of the way there, i will hopefully be on for 3.5 hrs tuesday 12:30-4pm next tuesday. playlist is looking /good/ so don't miss out. :)

wmucradio.com has been going a bit gaga but don't worry, things will be fixed.

but there will be no fm sedatives on the 24th (tuesday after next)


bullshit you'd read if you cared

my show is now only 1.5 hrs long, thanks to terp weekly edition. terp weekly edition is on campus news played from 12-12:30PM about the shendigs that occur on campus possibly unimportant because we lived without it before. it means actual industrial beatdowns occur from 12:30-2:00PM est (same day, same place) rather than 12-2:00PM EST.

and becuase people always ask...
4:30PM - 6:00PM, (GMT - london)
9:30AM - 11:00AM (PST - California, British Columbia (is there fancy special english cocaine there? HAHAHAHA FUCKING GET IT??/ ), Washington, Oregon whatever's out there beyond that fault line that is eventually going to fall off...
11:30AM - 1:00PM (CST - Regina - SK, midwestern people. awesomeness. )


all necessary utilities to listen to WMUC are on the right hand side.

Next week...

thanks to Sean Ye for taking up my fill in; he has good taste in music as seen in his previous playlist so i do suggest that you still tune in next week anyhow and pay attention to the new DJ's! 12-2pm March 10th :)

next next week...

i do plan on DJing my set nextnext week on break (3/17), but its not a definite promise. if i do though i plan on doing something really retarded like another themed playlist like NO ENGLISH LYRICS aLLOWED or TACO PARTY! (aka only female vocalists) or STRAIGHT UP PUNK. or ONLY SCREAMING INCOMREHENSIBLE LYRICS or only songs with cusswords in them and bleeting all the cusswords. you'll see.

what i really did this weekend (BECAUSE YOU CARE ABOUT ME. )

and i lied about going to thursday; my chauffeur (aka older sister that i bribed. i'm paranoid about drivin. ) fell sick, so ended up going to the WMUC show- fucking incredible, "birth control" is a fantastic live band, tons of fucking energy and if you're on the east coast and into punk definitely check this band out, you will not be disappointed.

shit you can listen to and download and shit

i've been following this blog a little over a week; some interesting things here. latest update: fan death records run by two dj's here released drunkdriver's ep "knife day", free for download here.
another drunkdriver EP "my chinese sister" is also available to download. drunkdriver: think if william bennett (of whitehouse, a screaming incomprehensible industrial group. ) fronted a sludgy punk band. and maybe if they all smoked crack.

birth control, as mentioned above. great tracks and even more incredible live.


SHOOBy doooooo bah!

this week's shit

thanks to those who tuned into our two hours straight up of foetus. really i was being a terrible DJ and taking advantage of the turntables to listen to some foetus albums i didn't have the opportunity to. hehe i in particular enjoyed "Nail", the last 4-5 tracks we played. as always, playlist on wmucradio.com


a reminder next week, there will be no FM Sedatives because i will be at the dentist. ;_________;

GOOD NEWS, is that no more lisping will occur LOL (hopefully. )
and as a treat for those who enjoy the industrial portion of what i play, if you like stuff along the lines of coil / psychic tv - check out bourbonese qualk! an ambient mix of guitars, electronics, blahblahaha its good stuff. full discography available for free, online. oh hells yes. i'll be playing some the next time around, so go check it out for yourself.


as typical with most decent industrial bands, this started out in the UK in the early / mid 80's and continued producing music until 2002, when their guitarist died. they're honestly one of the more under-rated ones so do check them out.

shows / tours and shit

as for the rest of you, thursday's on tour right now and i'm probably going to see them saturday night.

if you're looking for something less angst ridden there would be a show down at wmuc *NUDGENUDGELOCALS*

featuring: ringo deathstarr, the flying eyes, birth control, the lampshades
at 8pm

i wish i could fill in more details but i have none. *SHRUG* indie bands from the area and ringo deathstarr is actually from texas.

new nin tour dates with jane's addiction has been announced; check them out at http://tour.nin.com/ jaguar love (johnny whitney of blood brothers' new band ) will be the opener for a few nights. support independent musicians, support nin last tour on earth, support cheese.