no broadcast this week!

hey there- its finals week in college park. i have four finals and an art portfolio due, so i don't see this sunday's show happening.

if you want to see some of my work, its here:
password: bananarama
the album "final" has a great piece that i think everyone should see because i'm a pretentious art fag who thinks too much of herself.

so i guess last week was our last show for the season; sit at home, bake some snowmen cookies, gorge on turkey and ham or if you're a vegan vitamin supplements. hahahahah

we'll be back next semester (, maybe at a new time and day of the week, maybe the same. maybe on wmuc-1 who knows! the 25th of january is the day i'll be heading back to campus so in an ideal case i'll be heading down there at our usual time.

i'd like to pat myself on the back for 10 quite spiffy playlists. that's 3 months of awesome for you. :333

not to leave you hanging for the next month, i'll embed a playlist after finals of assorted songs


Nine Inch Noels

enjoy thisssssssssssss, suckers


videos to accompany tonight's and last week's shows

hurt - johnny cash

i remember when this video first came out; absolutely gorgeous and stuck out from all the rest. i didn't know who cash was, i don't know who nine inch nails was and they've soon become two of my favorite performers. I felt like i could relate to this before but after the events that have happened this past month in my own personal life, it comes to life even truer than before.

nine inch nails covering sex dwarf

original memorabilia video - soft cell

down in the park (live) - tubeway army

he's a whore (live) - cheap trick

alone again or - the damned

venus in furs - velvet underground

love will tear us apart - ian curtis

dead man walking
an article on ian curtis i've saved; i'm sure some of you may have read this before, but if not- a real treat.

and a pretty picture, just because.

do ya think i'm sexy? - rod stewart

hurhurhur i've been spelling stewart wrong earlier.

black eyed - placebo

obstacle 1 - interpol

la mer - nin
if the sea had a sound, it sounds like the guitar in this song.

12/7 playlist - all covers!

this may or may not be the precise order i played tonight's list, but still- a darling set. sorry about not updating with videos as i mentioned last week. D; i'll get to it later tonight.

1000 homo dj's - supernaut (black sabbath)
guns n roses - sympathy for the devil (rolling stones)
bauhaus - third uncle (brian eno)
marilyn manson - down in the park (tubeway army)
a perfect circle - lets start a war (fear)
black flag - louie louie (richard berry)
echo and the bunnymen - people are strange (doors)
revolting cocks - do ya think i'm sexy (rod stuart)
radiohead - be quiet and drive (deftones)
DI - rock and roll part 2 (gary glitter)
nine inch nails - physical (adam and the ants)
laeather strip - sex dwarf (soft cell)
big black - he's a whore (cheap trick)
the damned - alone again or (love)
the blood brothers - under pressure (david bowie and queen)
christian death - venus in furs (velvet underground)
current 93 feat. nick cave - all the pretty little horsies
saul williams - sunday bloody sunday (u2)
blixa bargeld - somewhere over the rainbow (judy garland)
coil - tainted love (gloria jones)
swans - love will tear us apart (joy division)
johnny cash - the mercy seat (nick cave and the bad seeds)
propagandi - white, proud and stupid (free fallin' - tom petty and the heartbreakers)
nine inch nails - memorabilia (soft cell)


tonight's playlist

hey stick around for some videos posted later this week :333

coil - teenage lightning 2005
rapeman - just got paid
marilyn manson - cake and sodomy
placebo - black-eyed
saul williams - skin of a drum
kmfdm - last things
nick cave and the bad seeds - stagger lee
skinny puppy - punk in park zoos
venetian snares dad
russian circles - harper lewis
david bowie - crystal japan
nine inch nails - just like you imagined
nirvana - floyd the barber
the birthday party - mutiniy in heaven
rudimentary peni - the evil clergymen
mussolini headkick - jesus collects
bauhaus - rosegarden funeral of sores
interpol - obstacle 2
ministry - jesus built my hotrod
aus-rotten - fuck nazi sympathy
lightning bolt - bizarro land
new york dolls - seven day weekend
throbbing gristle - dead on arrival
fugazi - promises
the brides - stomache
screamin' jay hawkins - monkberry moon delight
nine inch nails - la mer


tonight's playlist is brought to you by lack of sleep and paranoia

1 i don't get it - coil
2 stones - sonic youth
3 the salesman, denver max - the blood brothers
4 i give to you - nitzer ebb
5 background to malfunction - flux of pink indians
6 wot - captain sensible
7 penis fruit loop (bald and beardless version) - nurse with wound
8 lilian - depeche mode
9 smash the mac - crass
10 flesh and bones - the the
11 terrible lie - nine inch nails
12 healing ime - controlled bleeding
13 meet you in the subway - chrome
14 beers, queers, and steers
15 the reflecting god - john 5
16 feisty cadavers - john 5
17 war subvert - zounds
18 haus der luge - einsturzende neubuaten
19 to fix the gash in your head - a place to bury strangers
20 love is a ghost - theatre of hate
21 take good care of your fear - premature ejaculation
22 johnny's got a problem - D.I.
23 summer: hope overture - kronos quartet -
24 the downward spiral (the bottom) - nine inch nails


playlist sunday 11/16/2008

this show was dedicated to my grandfather who passed away saturday morning. he had a stroke this spring and we hoped he was on his way to recovery but from the way his famished body looked and his inability to do much of anything, he slipped away from us.

i am terribly awkward on this broadcast but i assure you future shows wouldn't be such a mess. you can download the archive at wmucradio.com here by clicking the one titled fm sedatives:


1 blood bells chime - current 93
2 all we wanted was everything - bauhaus
3 sink snow angel - venetian snares
4 its no good - depeche mode
5 coma black: eden eye/the apple of dischord - marilyn manson
6 last post - the tear garden
7 this song is brought to you by a falling bomb - thursday
8 at the heart of it all - coil
9 the great below - nine inch nails
10 blume (english version) - einsturzende neubauten
11 a flower in the desert - death cult
12 fear club - alexander chereshnev - fear club (off of "music for a nightmare" compilation)
13 the winner is - mychael danna and devotchka (little miss sunshine soundtrack)
14 i'm so tired - fugazi
15 now i know - renholder
16 new dawn fades - joy division
17 i'm looking forward to joining you, finally - nine inch nails
18 beyond gone - past lives
19 subterraneans - david bowie
20 sad world - virgin prunes
21 luxury of tears - christian death
22 amnesia - swans
23 lost in pictures - the vanishing
24 the ghost sonata - tuxedomoon
25 36 ghosts IV - nine inch nails

the music video for coma black set to elias merhige's begotten. viewer discretion advised.
begotten itself is one of the darkest movies i've ever seen; not scary in the sense of total brutality but strum some rare heartstrings that are untouched by conventional media. the pairing of the video and music is quite perfect. while marilyn manson is commonly associated with mall goths and "shock rock", the lyrics from the triptych era usually are brutally honest aside from the more superficial songs such as "the dope show". the definitive sound and meaning of marilyn manson i'd say is the antichrist superstar era which holy wood (the album coma black is from) returns to.

einsturzende neubauten - blume (english version)
i've actually never seen the video until now. i have been playing more of their recent songs that are softer but i promise to play older material some other day.

its no good - depeche mode
quite a campy video, surprising from this band. again, i've never seen it until now. (I'm too busy looking at nin videos! )

the great below - nine inch nails
a live clip from aatchb; the breathtaking backdrop is that of waves beating on the cliffs of japan which transitions to the poppy fields of california. the fragile is my favorite era music and image wise and i'd probably trade college tuition to be able to of been there to see them play during this era (too bad i was ten years old and naive). As an album listener (couldn't you tell? I'm terrible at picking individual songs) i believe this is one of the most perfect albums ever made. the atmosphere of this album is simply perfect. the passing of trent's grandmother was a large influence in the writing of this album and as if i couldn't relate to it enough, it means so much to me at this point in time. i have great respect for nine inch nails as an artist which is why i insist on playing nine inch nails once a night (not to mention if i didn't i'd probably run out of things to play. ) 36 Ghosts IV also featured tonight is an album released this year which is an instrumental 4 part release is trent and the gang colaborating and creating music: no pressure, no mission in sight- just pure creativity in the span of ten weeks (so i was wrong on both accounts!). the last 3 albums took on a more contemporary approach typical of mainstream music but ghosts returns to the music complexities displayed in in earlier albums which is the main reason why i love nine inch nails.

i'm deranged - david bowie
this is david bowie in a tour with nin in 95 singing I'm Deranged, the bowie song i played last week or so (I've been playing an awful lot of bowie haven't i). bowie's voice is absolutely gorgeous and that's why we love him. the flexibility he has as a musician has made him one of the most influential musicians on earth; he certainly is the most influential musician to everything i listen to.

okay no more ranty commentary, enjoy your videos. :]





you can tune in:
while you frantically write that last minute essay
while you're taking your sunday bath
while you cram for a midterm
while you fuck your wife
while your dad fucks you
while you beat your kids
while you polish off a bowl of lucky charms
while you make your DIY shirts
while you tie your noose
while you wait for labor day
while you set out your clothes
while you knit
while you write your lesson plans
while you plot murder
while you you make your playlist

and so much more!










might or might not have a show this week; midterm week. swamped with work. drowning in work. fuck work. but i already have two new playlists done so i swear its good stuff next time around. ;D


fm sedatives 10/27

here's the halloween playlist; i think this was the most interesting one so far.
the cutoff on the perfect drug was caused by the fact that i forgot to turn the brightness of my lappy down so it powered off, yay. :D more cussing and dirty songs to come.
and to show my dedication to this show i forgot to eat and when i was leaving the station i forgot i was hungry despite being right above the cafeteria. you should skip dinner to listen to this. you should skip sleep to listen to this. you should miss school to listen to this. you should download the archive and play it day and night.

1. i put a spell on you (screamin' jay hawkins) - marilyn manson
2. cosmic hearse - rudimentary peni
3. beausoleil - current 93
4. dollmaker - venetian snares
5. double dare - bauhaus
6. spiritual cramp - christian death
7. code blue - tsol
8. i'm deranged [edit] - david bowie
9. we care for you - genocide organ
10. two time grime - skinny puppy
11. princess disease - whitehouse
12. baby girls are much more tender - the brides
13. precious thing - big black
14. mourning smile - nurse with wound
15. stage fright - uk decay
16. the perfect drug - nine inch nails


hey i don't feel like posting music videos, i'm a liar i guess but here's something to chew on:

and btw, i got the playlist done- not as much campy deathrock as i anticipated to put in but its more industrial oriented, like my fucking show is supposed to be like and i'm gonna be cussin' like a mad man woman cos my "probationary" period is over, i will play filthy songs for you. tune the fuck in

monday at 9pm be there or be square!

are you a fan of WMUC? just want a cool hip local radio show shirt?
buy a fucking shirt from fucking scotty our fucking station manager; 10 fucking bucks for a yellow wmuc logo on a blue american apparel shirt; fucking gooooooood deal. i'd saaaaaaaaaay you'd have to email him by contacting him hurr:


i keep on forgetting to mention, but do im "are you sedated" during the show to comment, have a request, or chill! :]

this week's playlist

natural one - the folk implosion
from the kids (1995) soundtrack, great fucking movie- watch it!

the darkest hour - amebix
the mercy seat - nick cave and the bad seeds
amoeba - adolescents
dr. chang's tummy rub - tear garden
battle of the elements - uk decay
devastator - the blood brothers
meat processing - brighter death now
on pain - test dept
neat neat neat - the damned
the killing moon - echo and the bunnymen
soul of a robot - john 5
hands away - interpol
the becoming - nine inch nails
i forgot how many god damn's there were in this song so in my attempt to censor it i was messing with the control knobs, pretty fun.

videos to be uploaded soooooooooooooooon.


how do we skip over october without running into the subject of halloween? the 27th is a halloween show with campy deathrock and goth songs such as bauhaus bela lugosi's dead to a little ditty about jonbenet ramsey called "dollmaker" by venetian snares. i can't think of a perfect halloween ween song by nine inch nails though, aww.



tonight's show was partially dedicated to gidget gein, who passed away last thursday oct 9th. he was fucking creative as hell but i guess his demons got him this time around.

not posting the embarassing ring my bell video; i do have a copy of the book (the three golliwogs) which is pretty spiffy. :]

anywho, playlist tiems

1. 9/11/69 - gidget gein and the daligaggers
2. green and grey - new model army
3. negative three - marilyn manson and the spooky kids
4. iv-tv - marilyn manson and the spooky kids
5. fish fry - big black
6. lament - tear garden
7. hamburger lady - throbbing gristle
8. bonivital - venetian snares
9. ein stuhl in der hoelle - einsturzende neubauten
10. forever came toady - shadow project
11. the only good christian - foetus
12. violent heartstrings - the opposite sex
13. and all that could have been - nine inch nails


this is a beautiful short clip of nick cave commenting on blixa bargeld, cute.

as i promised:
skinny puppy - warlock (viewer discretion advised)
a gorey video to accompany one of their more famous songs.

remember, don't listen to the last two albums.

i have this great coil video on the desktop at home (coil's i don't get it) and I'll share that next week.

here's a nurse with wound track:

that reminds me of un chien andalou by surreal dada-esque artist salvador dali and film maker Luis Buñuel.

i'm sure most of you art fags have watched it before, i know i have plenty of times, but for the rest of you, a real treat.
well hay now, tonight's playlist is:

the birthday party a catholic skin
blixa bargeld somewhere over the rainbow
adam and the ants beat my guest
past lives strange symmetry
the album leaf story board
edward ka-spel tanith and the lion tree
kitchen and the plastic spoons ice cream to god
david bowie bring me to the disco king (lohner mix)
in the nursery boy behind the curtain
killing joke love like blood
nurse with wound two shaves and a shine (bastard disco mix)
nine inch nails right where it belongs



if you missed the show and want to check it out, go to http://wmucradio.com/ and click "playlist archives 2" or something like that, and just click the link that says my name. :3 WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOo

there's probably going to be the end of the last guy's song on my time. well definately, but its okay. xDDD and some fumbling around. hahhaha


hey here's some videos for you guys to watch; in the meanwhile the new lappy is coming on monday so hopefully no fuck ups on monday's show! YAY

250gb harddrive, 3gb ram, upgraded sound system, core 2 duo processors- can't go wrong, eh? the only thing wrong is that its a fucking dell but hey 674 for a new computer with all that shit on it isn't bad, amirte?1??! was it worth next semester's book money? perhaps, perhaps not.

a place to bury strangers - see you again
(featured in brainwashed podcast about late last year, early this year- don't remember, but that's how i got introduced to this band. )

coil - tainted love (cover)
this video is permanently displayed in the museum of modern art in new york. the song is reinterpreted to express the devestation of aids in the gay community. and yes, that's marc almond of soft cell (the group that made the most famous cover) making an appearance.

saul williams - black stacey
Saul's confident and intelligent words exhibit his finesse as a poet; this currently is my favorite saul williams track; in this song he expresses the awkwardness many minorities in america feel about their own race. saul released a new album late last year entitled "the inevitable rise of niggy tardust!" (aka niggy tardust) where he colaborates with trent reznor

i am x - missile
there are two versions of this video (as posted), I personally like the first best. i am x is the solo work of chris corner of the sneaker pimps. i've never listened to the sneaker pimps.

the vanishing - lovesick

hey, if you don't feel like watching music videos you can watch this instead! It has the word "porno" in it. :)

now i don't feel like putting anymore discriptions and videos! go find them yourself!


thanks to those of you who tuned into our first show; kind of weird at first but it just all takes getting used to. here was tonight's playlist, what a nice combination of capital letters and lowercases. i'll update this post with some linkage later on tonight.
and if you did turn in, ha did you spot all of those problems? HAHAHAHA hey lets have a competition, list five problems i've encountered during my first show and you can write your playlist and i'll play it for you. no more prompts for me.

chewing on shadows - current 93
new shocks - the brides
lovesick - the vanishing
missile - i am x
teenage lightning 2 - coil
black stacey - Saul Williams
2 morro morro land - lightning bolt
fascist jock itch - skinny puppy
k is for kompressor - kompressor
last - nine inch nails



welcome to fm sedatives' new blog! the show is on mondays at 9pm-10pm EST so please chchcheck it out~ !


Its hosted by MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Lillian C., your all around nucking futs student of UMCP (wooooooo terps), yay physiology and neurobiology. go brain cells. or lack thereof.

about the name: obviously, we're not on the FM stream (yet.) but it sounds much better than "evening sedatives" and its much more memorable and shorter. :) as for the sedatives part, its meant to be literal and ironic. playing music to soothe, music to rile.
i'll be playing fancy mixed nuts industrial, post-punk, anarcho and a little bit of everything else. :)

want to see a sample of what I'll be playing?

Pogofied's Profile Page


NOW, for the meanwhile, I'll be drawing some of my fliers so please excuse the lack of updates. more shit to come! (hehehe shit. cum.)

disclaimer: this is totally legitimate college radio; however badly i screw up does not reflect the school or station but does reflect my mental stability.
bear with me this rocky month as i get used to the station and making neato playlists.

and last but not least, thanks to everyone at wmuc who make this all possible. :)