playlist sunday 11/16/2008

this show was dedicated to my grandfather who passed away saturday morning. he had a stroke this spring and we hoped he was on his way to recovery but from the way his famished body looked and his inability to do much of anything, he slipped away from us.

i am terribly awkward on this broadcast but i assure you future shows wouldn't be such a mess. you can download the archive at wmucradio.com here by clicking the one titled fm sedatives:


1 blood bells chime - current 93
2 all we wanted was everything - bauhaus
3 sink snow angel - venetian snares
4 its no good - depeche mode
5 coma black: eden eye/the apple of dischord - marilyn manson
6 last post - the tear garden
7 this song is brought to you by a falling bomb - thursday
8 at the heart of it all - coil
9 the great below - nine inch nails
10 blume (english version) - einsturzende neubauten
11 a flower in the desert - death cult
12 fear club - alexander chereshnev - fear club (off of "music for a nightmare" compilation)
13 the winner is - mychael danna and devotchka (little miss sunshine soundtrack)
14 i'm so tired - fugazi
15 now i know - renholder
16 new dawn fades - joy division
17 i'm looking forward to joining you, finally - nine inch nails
18 beyond gone - past lives
19 subterraneans - david bowie
20 sad world - virgin prunes
21 luxury of tears - christian death
22 amnesia - swans
23 lost in pictures - the vanishing
24 the ghost sonata - tuxedomoon
25 36 ghosts IV - nine inch nails

the music video for coma black set to elias merhige's begotten. viewer discretion advised.
begotten itself is one of the darkest movies i've ever seen; not scary in the sense of total brutality but strum some rare heartstrings that are untouched by conventional media. the pairing of the video and music is quite perfect. while marilyn manson is commonly associated with mall goths and "shock rock", the lyrics from the triptych era usually are brutally honest aside from the more superficial songs such as "the dope show". the definitive sound and meaning of marilyn manson i'd say is the antichrist superstar era which holy wood (the album coma black is from) returns to.

einsturzende neubauten - blume (english version)
i've actually never seen the video until now. i have been playing more of their recent songs that are softer but i promise to play older material some other day.

its no good - depeche mode
quite a campy video, surprising from this band. again, i've never seen it until now. (I'm too busy looking at nin videos! )

the great below - nine inch nails
a live clip from aatchb; the breathtaking backdrop is that of waves beating on the cliffs of japan which transitions to the poppy fields of california. the fragile is my favorite era music and image wise and i'd probably trade college tuition to be able to of been there to see them play during this era (too bad i was ten years old and naive). As an album listener (couldn't you tell? I'm terrible at picking individual songs) i believe this is one of the most perfect albums ever made. the atmosphere of this album is simply perfect. the passing of trent's grandmother was a large influence in the writing of this album and as if i couldn't relate to it enough, it means so much to me at this point in time. i have great respect for nine inch nails as an artist which is why i insist on playing nine inch nails once a night (not to mention if i didn't i'd probably run out of things to play. ) 36 Ghosts IV also featured tonight is an album released this year which is an instrumental 4 part release is trent and the gang colaborating and creating music: no pressure, no mission in sight- just pure creativity in the span of ten weeks (so i was wrong on both accounts!). the last 3 albums took on a more contemporary approach typical of mainstream music but ghosts returns to the music complexities displayed in in earlier albums which is the main reason why i love nine inch nails.

i'm deranged - david bowie
this is david bowie in a tour with nin in 95 singing I'm Deranged, the bowie song i played last week or so (I've been playing an awful lot of bowie haven't i). bowie's voice is absolutely gorgeous and that's why we love him. the flexibility he has as a musician has made him one of the most influential musicians on earth; he certainly is the most influential musician to everything i listen to.

okay no more ranty commentary, enjoy your videos. :]

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Listener said...

Fuck. Sorry to hear that about your grandfather. You do a good show. Stay awesome.