tonight's playlist

hey stick around for some videos posted later this week :333

coil - teenage lightning 2005
rapeman - just got paid
marilyn manson - cake and sodomy
placebo - black-eyed
saul williams - skin of a drum
kmfdm - last things
nick cave and the bad seeds - stagger lee
skinny puppy - punk in park zoos
venetian snares dad
russian circles - harper lewis
david bowie - crystal japan
nine inch nails - just like you imagined
nirvana - floyd the barber
the birthday party - mutiniy in heaven
rudimentary peni - the evil clergymen
mussolini headkick - jesus collects
bauhaus - rosegarden funeral of sores
interpol - obstacle 2
ministry - jesus built my hotrod
aus-rotten - fuck nazi sympathy
lightning bolt - bizarro land
new york dolls - seven day weekend
throbbing gristle - dead on arrival
fugazi - promises
the brides - stomache
screamin' jay hawkins - monkberry moon delight
nine inch nails - la mer

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