fm sedatives 10/27

here's the halloween playlist; i think this was the most interesting one so far.
the cutoff on the perfect drug was caused by the fact that i forgot to turn the brightness of my lappy down so it powered off, yay. :D more cussing and dirty songs to come.
and to show my dedication to this show i forgot to eat and when i was leaving the station i forgot i was hungry despite being right above the cafeteria. you should skip dinner to listen to this. you should skip sleep to listen to this. you should miss school to listen to this. you should download the archive and play it day and night.

1. i put a spell on you (screamin' jay hawkins) - marilyn manson
2. cosmic hearse - rudimentary peni
3. beausoleil - current 93
4. dollmaker - venetian snares
5. double dare - bauhaus
6. spiritual cramp - christian death
7. code blue - tsol
8. i'm deranged [edit] - david bowie
9. we care for you - genocide organ
10. two time grime - skinny puppy
11. princess disease - whitehouse
12. baby girls are much more tender - the brides
13. precious thing - big black
14. mourning smile - nurse with wound
15. stage fright - uk decay
16. the perfect drug - nine inch nails

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