hey here's some videos for you guys to watch; in the meanwhile the new lappy is coming on monday so hopefully no fuck ups on monday's show! YAY

250gb harddrive, 3gb ram, upgraded sound system, core 2 duo processors- can't go wrong, eh? the only thing wrong is that its a fucking dell but hey 674 for a new computer with all that shit on it isn't bad, amirte?1??! was it worth next semester's book money? perhaps, perhaps not.

a place to bury strangers - see you again
(featured in brainwashed podcast about late last year, early this year- don't remember, but that's how i got introduced to this band. )

coil - tainted love (cover)
this video is permanently displayed in the museum of modern art in new york. the song is reinterpreted to express the devestation of aids in the gay community. and yes, that's marc almond of soft cell (the group that made the most famous cover) making an appearance.

saul williams - black stacey
Saul's confident and intelligent words exhibit his finesse as a poet; this currently is my favorite saul williams track; in this song he expresses the awkwardness many minorities in america feel about their own race. saul released a new album late last year entitled "the inevitable rise of niggy tardust!" (aka niggy tardust) where he colaborates with trent reznor

i am x - missile
there are two versions of this video (as posted), I personally like the first best. i am x is the solo work of chris corner of the sneaker pimps. i've never listened to the sneaker pimps.

the vanishing - lovesick

hey, if you don't feel like watching music videos you can watch this instead! It has the word "porno" in it. :)

now i don't feel like putting anymore discriptions and videos! go find them yourself!

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