videos to accompany tonight's and last week's shows

hurt - johnny cash

i remember when this video first came out; absolutely gorgeous and stuck out from all the rest. i didn't know who cash was, i don't know who nine inch nails was and they've soon become two of my favorite performers. I felt like i could relate to this before but after the events that have happened this past month in my own personal life, it comes to life even truer than before.

nine inch nails covering sex dwarf

original memorabilia video - soft cell

down in the park (live) - tubeway army

he's a whore (live) - cheap trick

alone again or - the damned

venus in furs - velvet underground

love will tear us apart - ian curtis

dead man walking
an article on ian curtis i've saved; i'm sure some of you may have read this before, but if not- a real treat.

and a pretty picture, just because.

do ya think i'm sexy? - rod stewart

hurhurhur i've been spelling stewart wrong earlier.

black eyed - placebo

obstacle 1 - interpol

la mer - nin
if the sea had a sound, it sounds like the guitar in this song.

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