no broadcast this week!

hey there- its finals week in college park. i have four finals and an art portfolio due, so i don't see this sunday's show happening.

if you want to see some of my work, its here:
password: bananarama
the album "final" has a great piece that i think everyone should see because i'm a pretentious art fag who thinks too much of herself.

so i guess last week was our last show for the season; sit at home, bake some snowmen cookies, gorge on turkey and ham or if you're a vegan vitamin supplements. hahahahah

we'll be back next semester (, maybe at a new time and day of the week, maybe the same. maybe on wmuc-1 who knows! the 25th of january is the day i'll be heading back to campus so in an ideal case i'll be heading down there at our usual time.

i'd like to pat myself on the back for 10 quite spiffy playlists. that's 3 months of awesome for you. :333

not to leave you hanging for the next month, i'll embed a playlist after finals of assorted songs

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