you gotta stare into the mirror until you name this disease

sorry, i lied. acoustic show has been bumped to this week. too much to do last week. :P

but hey, let me rave about my favorite song as of right now, right now i'll be playing friday.
i'd be one of the first females to admit i don't like most female bands or female fronted bands; i think a lot of them try too hard to be like another male band or try too hard to fill that female band role. it comes of off an insincere and like "hai gurls can rock too! I NEED TO PROVE MYSELF!"

red state.
the song "cherylee"

oh my satan.

fucking stunning...???? if you don't feel for this song you must not have a soul? hmmmmm? its absolutely heart wrenching, intimate, honest, tender, beautiful- can i compliment it anymore?

feminine without being a cliche, acoustic without being just another old "feely" song milking the same tired emotions. the mixture of distortion and piano is just beautiful as fuck, as fuck not being really describable. there is something immensely delectable about minimalistic music. i don't understand what i was thinking last spring where i brushed through this album months ago and thought the only really good songs were "rope" or "white like heaven." upon another listen tonight i've painfully underestimated the beauty of this album.

and her interpretation of crass's "shaved women" is just fucking crazy awesome.
gowns songs, lyrics, etc:

i am in love with this woman. <3

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