Thursday fans rejoice, common existence is available todayyyyyyy! I'm sure you could probably find it at Hot Topic for 10 bucks; go and support this terrific band. :) and the album art is pretty too.

as i am aware, the whole album is actually up on their myspace

and there's a call us number to badger them, maybe i'll do it later today. ;)


For locals, Thursday is going to be at Ram's Head Live, 8pm, March 7th
Rams Head Live Baltimore, Maryland. GUSH OVER THIS WONDERFUL BAND WITH ME

oh woe, nine inch nails no more!
TR's new blogpost on nin.com suggest the end of nin (as we know it...?) this year they're going on a globall tour with Jane's Addiction. will this mean nin is on hiatus, or is nin gone for good? is TR going to embark on other musical endevours restricted of him while he was on a label or he didn't feel befitting of nin? who know/s1/!/!?!1/

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