02/10 playlist

NOTICE: since playlists are available through wmucradio.com, this will be the last playlist i'll post on fmsedatives.blogspot.com!

although i would continue to plague this page with cool videos and music related bullshit you TOTALLY want to listen to.

1 Russian Circles You Already Did
2 Deftones Passenger (feat. Maynard J. Keenan)
3 Lack of Knowledge Firepower
4 Venetian Snares Chinaski
5 Venetian Snares Winnepeg as Mandatory Scat Feed
6 Scratch Acid Owner's Lament
7 Fugazi Waiting Room
8 Hilt Baby Fly Away
9 New Model Army Brave New World
10 Nine Inch Nails March of the Fuckheads
11 Whitehouse Great White Death
12 Blonde Redhead Spring and by Summer Fall
13 Kronos Quartet Winter - Meltdown
14 Current 93 Chewing on Shadows (vinyl version)
15 Sonic Youth Mariah Carey and the Authur Doyle Hand Cream
16 Interpol NYC
17 Black Flag White Minority
18 Controlled Bleeding Christ Said
19 Nurse with Wound Spiral Theme
20 Einsturzende Neubauten Steele Brennt
21 The Brides Too Touchy Feely
22 David Bowie Weeping Wall
23 Nine Inch Nails Survivalism

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Corruption Radio said...

We heartily approve of this playlist!!