season 2 show 2

1 iron and wine red dust request from liz
2 thursday resusitation of a dead man
found on their myspace: http://myspace.com/thursday
3 shadow project hounds upon hare request from kim of ucsc
4 saul williams the government
new single released by saul on inauguration day
5 nick cave and the bad seeds as i sat sadly by her side
6 iamx S.H.E.
7 nurse with wound scrambled egg rebellion in the smegma department
8 zounds fear
9 christian death dream for mother request from mr. satanworshipper dude.
10 nine inch nails the line begins to blur
11 nine inch nails piggy (nothing can stop me now)
12 venetian snares and speedranch molly's reach around
13 the world of skin the child's right
14 coil in my blood
15 controlled bleeding in drowning hands
16 pixies where is my mind
17 the legendary pink dots i love you in your tragic beauty
18 joy division disorder
19 mussolini headkick give me space to breathe
20 kmfdm mating sounds of helicopters
21 current 93 good morning great moloch
22 copshootcop surprise, surprise
23 subhumans forget
24 nine inch nails wish [mix]

omitted: whitehouse - tit pulp.
this is what happens when you have cussing in your lyrics but the lyrics are undecipherable and not available and your laptop speakers are lousy but the monitors at the studio plays it just fine so you can hear all the "fucking's" and "cunts" being airred right before 1pm. :)
and the fucking title has the word "tit", wtf was a i thinking, honestly?

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